Hi! I'm an indie developer going by keroblin but my real name is Casper Witor! I'm making spooky and cute things aiming to make you feel like you have just encountered a cryptid.


Here's my CV or resume! I have done lots of customer facing roles but this one is catered to my gameiest positions

games reel

I've just finished leading Creature Friends in the Tranzfuser program and I'm a first class honors graduate of Creative Computing at Bath Spa University. This video showcases works from univesity, Creature Friends, the Game Jam society I created and from other professional and personal projects.
You can view all of my games on my page

key work

Here's links to some of my best games.In my solo work, I've been a generalist covering all aspects of development, whereas in group work I've tended to lean into design, programming and art.I love designing games to immerse players in strange worlds. I have a passion for wacky interactions having grown up with the Wii, DS and Kinect and love playing with input. I am hugely inspired by Valve and their tutorial-less approach to design, taking immersion as priority in all aspects.I have most experience programming in Unity, but also use Godot, HTML/CSS/JS and Processing. I have also used C++ for console-based and OpenFrameworks pieces as part of my course. I try to make my scripts as easy to use for others as possible, using intuitive in-engine tools and displaying public variables well in Unity where possible to make tweaking a simple process.My artworks are created using Blender, Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. However I have also had experience with the Creative Cloud suite of tools as part of my art vocational course in college. I have had experience modelling, rigging and adapting pre-existing models for commissioned VRChat avatars from Fiverr.I have been the producer for group works using Notion to organise using Scrum and Agile methodologies and creating professional pitches. I have pitched to publishers in industry, and the public at EGX, as well as participating in the Big Pitch.

general art (WIP section!)

I've been an artist as a student in college and professionally, using Blender, Procreate and Clip Studio to create my works.


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